Things the Brand Gurus don't want you to know (2nd Edition)- Aubrey Malden

A practical guide....it will make and save you money

Things the Brand Gurus don't want you to know (2nd Edition)- Aubrey Malden


A5 softcover- 143 Pages

Things The Brand Gurus
Don't Want You To Know


"Like the legendary David Ogilvy, Aubrey Malden is a writer and a teacher. They both observe, judge, learn and share, and they keep asking how others came up with advertising and communication ideas, how they evaluated ideas and how they applied ideas for a range of brands in a range of media. Both have the ability, to, “share the secrets of the industry.”. I would like to add: ‘And do it with pride’.

"Through his journey through the advertising and brand world, both national and international, Aubrey has gathered many awards and wisdom and practical examples of what works and what doesn’t. You cannot write a book like this when you are young. You must have lived through many situations, have experienced what worked well and what failed. Especially you must have felt the pain of failure. And the elation of success.

"The book is mandatory reading for management, infact anyone who manages Brands. The content of this book, which you will read with pleasure, within two nights, will make you money. No kidding.

"This professional book is a must to read for everybody who is responsible for the Brand(s) of his or her company or organisation. Not only will you become a better professional, but you will make money too."

Wim van Melick
Ex Member of the OgilvyOne Worldwide Board
Currently Director of Training & Development at Ogilvy


The book has some very practical tools and checklists, but above all it has many examples, some of which are Aubrey’s own work and other work and case-histories he has observed. There are some 150 tips and 33 case-histories, and of those case-histories 19 are about mediums other than costly advertising.

Get the professional insights behind:-

  • How do you create and maintain a profitable brand?
  • How do you write a brief?
  • How do you know if your advertising is a failure? What is the best way to judge it?
  • How do you choose an advertising agency? What are the pitfalls to look out for?
  • Why is it that mavericks create great brands?
  • Undermining honesty.
  • The value of being small
  • How can people become brands?
  • The many other ways to successfully promote your company or brand, without using expensive advertising.
  • How to create a website that fully engages your customers and increases your profits.
  • How to create and use Social Media effectively.
  • How to create your own advertising.
  • Using, and creating Print, Radio, TV, and Billboard advertising.
  • Where can you find the best research about your customers?
  • How to create and use promotional ideas.
  • Where will it all end? What are the trends?

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