Aubrey Malden

Aubrey Malden

Aubrey Malden is an award-winning copywriter, who has served up his creative genius in London, Brussels and Johannesburg. Amongst his 96 advertising and marketing awards are 4 British IPA Effectiveness Awards, The Gold American Effectiveness Award, and The Direct Marketing Effectiveness Award for Innovation and the only BAFTA to be awarded for a Television Commercial.

He has written for the marketing press, appeared on national TV and radio and having worked as a top Creative Director in three international advertising agencies and as a CEO in another International advertising agency in the UK, he is currently a partner at The Forensic Marketing Company and advises his clients on their strategies and executions to help develop their brands and deliver a better ROI. He also helps ad and media agencies pitch for new business, and has a staggering 75% success rate.

His best-selling first book, “Things the Brand Gurus Don’t Want You To Know,” is now in over 20 different countries and is used as a marketing bible by CEO’s, advertising and marketing students, marketing directors, advertising executives and chairman of advertising agencies and marketing companies.

In amusing fashion Aubrey did a follow-up publication "Between the Briefs".

“Between The Briefs” propels you into the often flamboyant and sometimes dark world of international advertising agencies and their clients, revealing what really goes on. Including working for Prince Charles and the Queen of England. Revelations about Freddie Mercury, from the rock group Queen, who the author studied with. A touch of sex, an attempted bribe, a kidnapping in Cannes and an adventure with an inflatable doll. And the day when the author was fired by advertising guru, David Ogilvy because he proposed using rock star Paul McCartney for an international campaign for The World Wildlife Fund.

This book whisks you along from adventure to near catastrophe, to adventure again and again…

Piet Stork

Piet Stork has more than 40 years’ experience in agriculture and was employed by the Department of Agriculture – Division: Plant and Quality Control Division (1967-1985) and by the Agricultural Research Council – Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Research Institute (1985-2012).



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